At Boss Office Works, we’ll work closely with you to create a print design that exceeds your expectations. Every business will need a graphic designer at some point to create a visually stunning creative.

Your brand sets your business apart as unique and one-of-a-kind. We can help you to convey that message.

Whether you need to hire a graphic designer to produce new creative pieces for all of your marketing needs, or just one business card, we can help. We can step right in to handle all of your needs, or just to fill in when your regular designer is unavailable.



  • Poster Design
  • Flyers, Brochures, & Rack Card Design
  • Business Cards Design
  • Logo Design & Identity
  • Print Advertising, Posters, & Billboards
  • Menus & Signage
  • PowerPoint Templates & Presentations
  • and so much more

Design Examples

Benefits To Our Graphic Design Service

Knowledgeable – Our Graphic Design team has been working with the full Adobe Suite for 20+ years. If your project requires Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, merging information from Excel and Word into documents, PowerPoint or Acrobat, we are your resource. We work with these products day in and day out.

Print Experience – Our Designers are all trained and knowledgeable in printing processes. They have a unique perspective when designing anything for print and avoid the common missteps that so many graphic designers take when sending the final art to print. Our team can deliver artwork to you and high quality print services that go hand in hand.

Reliable – We are extremely dependable when you need creative work turned around quickly. We can also offset your creative teams workload to help while your team is on vacation or dealing with other priorities.

Fast Turnaround – Speed and Quality is key for any of our clients. We are quick and often help accommodate design and print emergencies at the last minute. Many of our long time clients have commended us for our quick and accurate turn around. We can help you with your next short notice, due yesterday projects.

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